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Adventures in Missions

Adventures in Missions

Writing Revolution

We need 10 people willing to participate in a 7 week blogging pilot program. The goal will be to write one article a week about a common Christian topic. This should only take an hour or so of your time each week. Possible…

AIM Blog Stats

Total Number of Blog Postings: 21,981 (Includes AIM staff, FYM and The World Racers) Number of blog posts using the words: "Jesus" in the title: 151 (0.7%)  Note: Seth's blog accounts for 31 of these Jesus references "God" in the title: 549…

New Blog Feature

You can test the new features by clicking any of the links below: Click on a color below to change the color style of this page: 1) Red & Gold 2) Blue & Silver 3) Green & Tan 4) Red…